This Terms is published on the AG Lifestyle ltd website under brand AG Flights, which is freely accessible, and in such a way as to ensure that each person who contacts AG Lifestyle ltd to acquire, use and/or activate the Certificate and the Flight through the website is familiar with the content of this Agreement. The business entity or natural person-consumer contacting AG Lifestyle ltd to acquire the Flight and the Certificate, their use and/or activation, declares to be fully and properly acquainted with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, declares to accept and accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


AG Lifestyle is a company that owns and operates the website, under brand “AG-Flights”, registered and operating under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, registration number: C425583, registered office: AMATHUSA COSTAL HEIGHTS, Flat/Office 13, ‘Iras 2, 4532 ‘Agios Tychonas, Limassol, Cyprus.
Agreement – Public Offer or Binding Contract (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is a binding contract for legal entities and natural persons – consumers, which defines the obligations when performing actions aimed at the purchase of the Certificate and the Flight (as defined below), the use of the Certificate and the Flight. Operator is a professional flight school or any club or any owner of aircraft or any person or company has right to operate aircraft which, on the basis of an agreement with AG Lifestyle: (I) grants AG Lifestyle the right to demand the consumption of the Services and/or the provision of the Flight, (II) grants AG Lifestyle the right to deviate in favour of third parties from the right to demand the consumption of the Services of the purchase of the Flight.
Pilot – a natural person operating the Aircraft, duly authorized, with appropriate modern qualifications, licenses and necessary medical certificates to fly the Aircraft and to perform the captain’s duties on board (Pilot in Command).
Flight – the conduct of a demonstration, shared or prealuse flight in the Aircraft by the Operator accompanied by a Pilot who is responsible Pilot in Command if it’s his shared flight or an employee of the Operator or the Operator’s subcontractor. Flight – a flight pattern which includes take-off from point A and landing at point B or, if applicable, stopping at point C and/or take-off from point A and landing at the same point A, subject to the conditions proposed by the Pilot in the Publication. The commencement of the entertainment services (commencement of the flight) shall be deemed to be the commencement of the flight time booked by the Client with AG Lifestyle.
User – the natural or legal entity that has created an account on the Website and has subsequently requested the booking of a Flight offered by AG Lifestyle ltd and which has been officially accepted by the latter.
Publication – the offer of a flight published on the Website. Website – the website is available at Aircraft – any motorized device capable of moving in the air.
Cost – the price at which the User acquires the right to claim the Flight, the cost and content of which is and/or will be determined by AG Lifestyle ltd on the Website or by an authorised representative of AG Lifestyle.
Service – any service provided to the User through the Website, noting that AG Lifestyle ltd will never be a party to the contract for the provision of the Flight.
Account – the account that must be created on the Website in order to become a User and access the Services.

The services offered on this Website are published by AG Lifestyle. Detailed information can be obtained from the following contacts:
Phone. +357 95 722778

1.3. Subject matter of the Agreement
The Site is an online service platform available on the Internet, created and operated by AG Lifestyle.
The Site provides the User with online tools and technical features to purchase a Flight.

1.4. Online acceptance of the Agreement
Use of the Site is subject to acceptance of this Agreement.
By creating an account on the Site, the User accepts the Agreement.

Only by accepting the Agreement will Users be able to access the services offered on the Site. Acceptance of this Agreement is single and indivisible.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the obligations described in this Agreement, AG Lifestyle reserves the right not to provide the Services and to delete the corresponding User Account.

1.5. Changes to the Agreement
AG Lifestyle reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement at any time, as well as to the functionality offered by the Site or to the operating rules of the Site.
The changes are effective as soon as they appear online in the Agreement.
If the amendment is made after the User has paid for the flight booking or gift voucher, the amendment will not apply to the uncompleted transaction.
AG Lifestyle reserves the right to offer new services on the Site, either free of charge or for a fee.

2.1. Pre-registration and creation of an account
– The Site is freely accessible to all Internet users with up-to-date computer equipment, the necessary software and access to the Internet.
– In order to use the Services, the User must first create an Account by completing the online form in accordance with the instructions provided on the Site.
– The Services available on the Site are intended for use only by persons who are deemed to be legally capable of entering into this Agreement.
– The username and password chosen by the User must not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular those relating to names or trademarks, nor violate ethical standards.
– Registration must be confirmed by the User at the email address provided by the User in the form on the Site, which contains the links required to confirm registration.
– This email will only be sent if all the mandatory fields in the aforementioned registration form have been completed.
– The truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by the User in the process of creating an account is the responsibility of the User.
– Under no circumstances shall AG Lifestyle be liable for any false or fraudulent information provided by the User.

2.2 User obligations
The User undertakes that:
(i) maintain only one account on the Website;

(ii) use the Site for personal transactions only; all activities carried out using the User’s username and password shall be deemed to have been carried out by the User;
(iii) regularly update your details when accessing your account; and
(iv) not to share his/her account with any other user;
(v) maintain the confidentiality of their username and password. In the event of loss, misuse or unauthorized use, AG Lifestyle shall under no circumstances be liable and the User must notify AG Lifestyle of the situation by email to

2.3. Deletion of the User’s account
Any User may delete his/her account by logging in to the Site, but will remain liable for any outstanding transactions with AG Lifestyle.

AG Lifestyle reserves the right to delete any User’s account, in particular, if
а. Violation of any of the provisions of the Agreement, particularly in relation to misuse of the services offered by the Site;
b. Failure to log in to any User account for a period of two (2) years after sending an e-mail warning the User that if there is no response, the account will be deleted after eight (8) weeks;
c. Legal actions taken by the User against AG Lifestyle, including but not limited to damage to or destruction of the aircraft or other attached equipment;
d. Bypassing or attempting to bypass the Site (i.e. attempting to fly around AG Lifestyle). Any exchange of contact details (telephone number, email, social media profile…);

The User undertakes to create only one account and not to create or use any other account previously created by the User either in his/her own name or in the name of a third party.
The creation or use of new accounts in the User’s name or in the name of a third party may result in the immediate suspension of the User’s account(s) and all associated services.

2.4. Terms of use
2.4.1 Flight booking by the User Flight booking request
A number of web-based tools are available to Users to enable them to search specifically for a flight booking. The results obtained are ranked in order of relevance to the search criteria entered by the User.
Any request to book a Flight shall be made in accordance with the booking procedure on the Website. During the booking of the Flight, the User can see on the screen
(i) the content of the selected publication and the place, date and time of the flight
(ii) the applicable cancellation conditions, if any;
(iii) the price to be paid, which includes:
а. The amount payable to AG Lifestyle;
b. Where applicable:
● Additional costs specifically mentioned in the publication (consumables, cleaning, etc.)
● Insurance costs (cancellation, assistance, emergency cancellation, etc.);
● The amount of the service fee charged by AG Lifestyle.

It is the User’s responsibility to check that he/she has taken into account all additional charges for which he/she will be charged.
Once the User has requested to purchase a Flight, the User will be asked to follow the payment procedure described below to confirm the Flight. Conditions for accepting a Flight Request
A Flight Request is considered accepted once the payment process has been confirmed.
(i) An email summarizing the Flight Request will be sent to the User;
(ii) The Flight Request must be sent no later than forty-eight (48) hours before it can be officially accepted or rejected;

If there is no response within 48 hours, the Flight Request will be canceled and the User will be notified by email.

2.4.2 Costs and payment Flight costs
The cost of the flight will be determined unilaterally by AG Lifestyle. The cost of the Flight is calculated by taking into account the value of the claim. Payment of the cost of the Flight is a claim payment and does not constitute a deposit. Cost of flights include fees of AG Lifestyle as a marketing platform and cost of flight which AG Lifestyle should pay to Operator for specific flight as a trial, a commercial flight or a shared flight. In case of a shared flight AG Lifestyle should pay the cost of flight to an Operator for rental aircraft. Marketing fees of AG Lifestyle are not a part of payment for flights and taken by AG Lifestyle as a platform fee for marketing. Payment by the User
Payment of the Reservation by the User shall be made at the time of booking the Flight, through a payment system using a bank card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal account, or any other method that AG Lifestyle may use and will make available on the Website.
AG Lifestyle is not responsible for any delay in authorisation by the bank in relation to a transaction indicated by the User, the such delay being due to the cardholder’s bank.
Payments indicated by the User under this Agreement are irrevocable and must be made in favour of AG Lifestyle.
The User undertakes to provide all necessary information in response to any request made by AG Lifestyle and by any public authority or competent court for the prevention and suppression of money laundering, and in particular to provide any proof of address or identity that may be required; if such a request is not answered immediately, AG Lifestyle shall take all appropriate measures, in particular freezing the amounts paid and/or suspending the services used by the User.

I. Gift Certificate
The AG Lifestyle Gift Certificate is a form of payment that can only be used on the Site.
The Certificate may be:
(i) offered by a third party as a gift to the User
(ii) for a specific Flight,
hereinafter referred to as the “Gift Certificate”.

The Gift Certificate is available in electronic form or as a physical card (AG Lifestyle reserves the right to request an e-mail confirmation and to indicate an additional charge related to the cost of producing the physical card and its delivery).
In any case, any order for an AG Lifestyle Gift Certificate requires payment by the purchaser.
The Gift Certificate may be of any denomination and may be paid for by the User.

II. Validity of the Gift Certificate
The Gift Certificate is valid for six (6) months from the date of purchase.

III. Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions
The Gift Certificate has a cash value; the amount of the Gift Certificate may be used to purchase flights and ancillary services on the Site; the amount stated on the Gift Certificate shall not, under any circumstances, entitle you to a refund, even partial, in any form after the legal withdrawal period of fourteen (14) days.
AG Lifestyle gift certificates cannot be combined with other promotional offers or gift certificates.
They cannot be used to purchase another gift certificate or combined with other AG Lifestyle gift certificates for bookings.
In order to use a Gift Certificate, the User must enter the Gift Certificate code during the payment process.
Gift Certificates can only be used once.
If the User does not use the Gift Certificate, neither the purchaser of the Gift Certificate nor the User shall be entitled to any refund or partial refund.

IV. Respect for privacy and personal information
Information collected in connection with the purchase and use of the Gift Certificate may be subject to computer processing.
The purpose of the processing is to create a file of customers and potential customers, to send information to the AG Lifestyle network and for statistical analysis.
The User may object to the processing of his/her personal data upon written request. In such a case, AG Lifestyle undertakes to delete all information concerning the User from its databases, with the exception of the information required by current legislation.
v. Special conditions for Gift Certificates linked to a specific Flight if the User receives a specific Gift Certificate with details of the Flight excursion or event for which it is intended, and the amount of the value of the Gift Certificate, are subject to all the above conditions of use.
In the event of a change in the price of the Flight after the payment of the Certificate, the difference between the original price of the Flight and the changed price shall be paid by the User by any other method of payment available to them and accepted on the Website.
If the booked Flight is cancelled, the User shall not be entitled to any refund, even partial, for the cancelled Flight. However, the value of the Gift Certificate may be used to pay for any other Flight.

3.1. General obligations of the parties
It is hereby confirmed that in the context of the agreed Flight, the Pilot and the User mutually undertake to:

(i) to report to the agreed date, time and place: in the event of failure to do so or cancellation, AG Lifestyle reserves the right to store the cancellation information in its database and/or suspend access to the Site;
(ii) make every effort to ensure the successful completion of the Flight.

3.2. Specific obligations of the User
3.2.1 Upon purchase of the Flight and further use of the Flight Prior to the Flight, the User expressly undertakes to:
(i) Arrive at the Operator’s service station at least one hour before the agreed time of the Flight.
(ii) Not to contest the seat assigned to him/her in the Aircraft by the Pilot;
(iii) not to contest any decision taken by the Pilot during the Flight, in particular with regard to any deviation due to weather conditions or for any other reason specified by the Pilot for reasons of safety or compliance with applicable regulations;
(i) comply with the rules established by the Pilot on board the Aircraft (cigarettes, animals, food, drinks, children, maximum baggage size and weight, etc.);
3.2.2. the User agrees that the Pilot has the right to cancel the Flight if the User is under the influence of alcohol or drugs immediately before or during the Service.

In the event of refusal to provide the Service in accordance with clause 3.2.1. of the Agreement, or in the event of a breach of the Terms and Conditions or the Impressions in accordance with clause 3.2.2. of the Agreement, the amount paid by the User for the relevant Flight shall not be refunded (non-refundable).

3.3 Cancellation of the Flight
3.3.1 The User has the right to cancel the Flight at least 48 hours before the agreed time, AG Lifestyle has the right to a refund, less administrative costs (at least 50 euros).
If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the date and agreed time of the Flight, the User is not entitled to a refund.
3.3.2 The Pilot has the right to cancel the Flight for any reason and at any time, including bad weather, conditions, illness, etc. and the User shall be offered an alternative time and location at the discretion of AG Lifestyle and in agreement with the User.
3.3.3 AG Lifestyle has the right to cancel the Flight for any reason and at any time, including due to bad weather, conditions, etc. and the User may be offered
– an alternative time and place for the conduct of the Flight at the discretion of AG Lifestyle and in agreement with the User; or
– at the request of the User, a refund of the full amount paid by the User for the cancelled Flight.

4.1. Liability in relation to Flights
AG Lifestyle acts only as a marketing platform and its Services are limited to providing the Website with various functions, in particular to manage the booking of Flights by Users as a marketing platform. AG Lifestyle is not involved in determining the Flight, the timetable, the conditions of the flight, the aircraft chosen or the identity of the Pilot.

4.2 Liability for services offered on AG Lifestyle Website

AG Lifestyle cannot guarantee to the User that the Services will be free from errors or defects or that they can meet the expectations and limitations specific to each User. AG Lifestyle reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Site or to certain functions, in particular for maintenance operations or corrective operations related to its operation.

AG Lifestyle
(i) is not liable in case of total or partial suspension of its Services due to force majeure, application of a judicial or administrative decision or failure of telecommunications, computer and/or telephone network, and
(ii) disclaims any responsibility for possible loss of information relating to the Users of the Site, and recommends that the information be backed up regularly.
AG Lifestyle reserves the right to delete any account that is contrary to any legal or regulatory provisions or the Agreement.
In particular, the Services provided on the Site do not include verification of the content, truthfulness or accuracy of the Publications. In addition, AG Lifestyle is never a party to contracts between the User and the Operator concluded through the means and technical means of the Site and cannot guarantee the performance of the Flights.

(i) Makes no warranties whatsoever, especially in respect of misleading messages or those that mislead the User;
(ii) Urges Users to check the aircraft against the description in the Mail;

AG Lifestyle should not verify the licenses and/or certificates relied upon by the Operator for the performance of the Flight.
In any case, AG Lifestyle is not responsible for the consequences of any fraud or falsification of the documents transmitted.

AG Lifestyle’s liability is strictly limited to cases of non-performance of the Contract and therefore has an obligation in the amount of the funds that the Users have paid, less a commission of at least 50 euro.
Any User of the Site whose conduct during the Flight may have been indicative of a breach of the provisions of the Agreement or which may have caused a breach or risk of breach of the safety of the User/Pilot/Aircraft, their Account will be deleted by AG Lifestyle without the possibility for such User to claim any compensation of any nature.

4.3 Liability during Flight
In the event of an accident or injury to the User during the Flight, all liability shall be the sole responsibility of the Operator and the relevant Pilot. The liability of the Pilot is governed by the law of the country where the aircraft accident occurred or by the common law of the persons on board the Aircraft. This is normally limited liability. It is worth noting that the provisions of the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999 providing for automatic almost unlimited liability of the Flight Publisher do not apply to Operators and Pilots, and thus only to private transportation which is the nature of the flight action. AG Lifestyle doesn’t take responsibility for any insurance of pilots, aircraft or any passenger involved in flights.

5.1. Intellectual Property owned by AG Lifestyle
AG Lifestyle is the owner or holder of the intellectual property rights for on the brand AG Flights, Site, Instagram page AG.Flights, facebook AGxFlights and, in particular, on all texts, comments, works, illustrations, logos, icons or any graphic or design content, architecture, software, videos, images, music, etc., visual or audio, reproduced on the Site, facebook page AGxFlights, instagram AG.Flights as well as databases for which it has producer status within the meaning of the provisions of applicable law (“Site Content”).
All Site Content created and posted on the Internet by AG Lifestyle is protected by copyright and/or trademark law and/or sui generis law for databases worldwide. AG Lifestyle will initiate all necessary legal proceedings in defense of its rights and interests, against anyone involved in the reproduction, representation, translation, extraction, adaptation or distribution in any form of any part or all of the Website Content without prior written authorisation.

5.2. Intellectual Property owned by Users
Users are solely responsible for the content they publish on the Site and must ensure that they dispose of all rights and permissions necessary for the distribution of the content on the Site Uploading any content protected by copyright, trademark, database or otherwise gives AG Lifestyle, for the duration of the copyright and worldwide, the non-exclusive right to reproduce, present, translate and adapt the Site Content on any other digital, analogue or paper media
The user guarantees AG Lifestyle the repercussions of all claims in relation to the rights to the content which he uploads on the site, arising from third parties for breach of any right (infringement, unfair and/or parasitic competition, etc.) on the basis of intellectual property right or any other right belonging to them.
The user undertakes to compensate AG Lifestyle for any damage that he or she may suffer and for the reimbursement of any losses, interest and costs, particularly regarding legal advice that it may engage in this regard.

5.3 The right to use the User’s information

AG Lifestyle may use the User’s personal information for any purpose specified by the User at the time of collection or which the User has otherwise authorized, as well as to

– verify the User’s identity and provide assistance if the User has forgotten their username or password for any of the Services that AG Lifestyle provides through the Site;
– communicate with the User;
– analyze the use of this Site;
– provide additional information, news and advertising materials to the User;
– carry out marketing, advertising and publicity purposes, including direct marketing, market research and surveys;
– to show the User advertising and information that is most relevant to the User.

5.3.1 User Content
During the provision of AG Lifestyle’s Services and while on the Airport and in the Airplane, you may take photographs and videos and post them on social media and

the Internet [“User Content”]. You must ensure that you have all necessary rights [including appropriate licenses] to post or submit User Content.

By creating, modifying, transmitting, uploading or submitting any User Content on any of the social media platforms, User: grants us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully-paid, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable license to publicly display, communicate and make available User Content [by all means, both on the Site and on social media platforms that AG Lifestyle owns or operates, and on any media now known or hereafter developed] to other Users of this C

You are solely responsible for the User Content that you provide. You represent and warrant that any user content that you make available: does not violate copyright, privacy rights or any other rights of third parties; and does not contain any information of a defamatory, offensive, illegal nature or that may damage the reputation of AG Lifestyle or the Operator or Pilot.

You shall fully indemnify and hold AG Lifestyle or Operator or Pilot harmless from and against any losses, damages, claims, costs or expenses [including attorney/attorney based legal fees] that may result from any action or claim that may be made or initiated against AG Lifestyle or Operator or Pilot by any person making a claim in connection with your actions or the user content that you provide.

We have no obligation to you to provide this Site or any User Content. User Content may be determined by users of the Site to be “inappropriate.” In such a case, AG Lifestyle may consider and decide, in AG Lifestyle’s absolute discretion, to remove such content on a case-by-case basis. We may edit, refuse to display, or remove any portion of this Site [including your User Content] at any time in our sole discretion.

AG Lifestyle collects personal information from the User relating to himself or herself and to parties related to him or her in the context of booking Flights and ancillary services. AG Lifestyle is engaged in the protection of personal information as a priority in its role as “data controller” as defined under the Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) regarding data privacy and security.
Personal information transmitted by Users is collected to provide the Services available on the Site (names, email and postal contact information, banking information, gift certificate information, etc.).

6.1 Use of cookies during the User’s visit to the Site
For this reason, and in order to make it easier for Users to access the Services and their Profile during visits after their first connection to the Site, AG Lifestyle also uses cookies that remain on the hard drive of the User’s computer after the browser is closed. AG Lifestyle also uses “session cookies” to analyze the use and content of the Site, an interest in the continuous improvement of the Services and technical means available to the User of the Site. Some cookies are necessary for the use of the Site, others allow you to optimize the use of the Site and customize the content displayed.

Cookies thus enable:

– Measure and analyze the frequency of use of the Site, as well as sections and periods of service to accommodate and study the ergonomics of the Site in order to improve;
– The User has reserved access and personal places on the Site or in our Services (registration, access to an account) or information that the User has chosen (announced services or Flights, the contents of the shopping cart);
– Implementation of security and protection measures;
– Limiting the number of displayed advertisements. (hereinafter referred to as “Targets”)

Only the creator of the cookie in question can read or change the information contained therein.
The user can always delete these cookies manually or manage their authorization to implement them by changing the settings in their web browser.
AG Lifestyle does not use these tracking tools to transmit this information to third parties or e-commerce platforms, nor to link this data to personal data (names, addresses, etc.) without the explicit consent of the User. Where appropriate, such consent shall be requested from the User in advance.

6.2 Right of access and rectification of personal data
In order to achieve the Objectives set forth herein above, the User must expressly agree that the data collected will be transferred to the following recipients:
– AG Lifestyle’s insurance partners, for example. AG Lifestyle could potentially share certain information with his or her insurer, and his or her broker.
– AG Lifestyle’s marketing trading partners and service providers to the extent permitted by law.
– AG Lifestyle Voluntary Partners;
– Survey and polling organizations;
– More generally, service providers, agents and subcontractors are bound by contract to AG Lifestyle to perform tasks directly related to the purposes described herein above;

The User acknowledges and expressly agrees that certain personal information collected by AG Lifestyle for the management of its mail and flight reservation management and related tasks require the transfer of certain information, such as names, names, postal, electronic and telephone contact details, names, exact location of the aircraft, except for bank details, to Users.

6.3.Right of access and rectification of personal information
Personal information may give rise to the exercise of the right of access and rectification under the conditions provided for in the GDPR relating to data processing, files and consumer rights. The user may obtain a copy of the data relating to him/her and, if necessary, correct it and update or delete inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information. The user may also exercise their right to object, especially in relation to commercial or supposed marketing, and to limit the use of their data, as well as their right to data portability pertaining to them.
The exercise of these rights shall be carried out by sending an e-mail to
Any question relating to the use of personal data may be addressed to AG Lifestyle at the above address.

For all requests for access to data, the User must attach to his/her email an identity document.

If one or more provisions of the Contract are invalidated or declared invalid through the application of a law or regulation or after a final court ruling, the other provisions retain their full force and scope of application.
Where appropriate, AG Lifestyle undertakes to immediately delete any such clause and replace it with another similar, legally valid one.

In the event of any difficulty of interpretation between the Title and the chapter of any of the Clauses and any of the sub-clauses, the headings shall be deemed unscripted.

Any claim in connection herewith shall lapse for a period of one year. Any unclaimed funds shall become the property of AG Lifestyle.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.
All claims must be made within a maximum of fifteen (14) calendar days after the execution or scheduled execution date of the Flight to which the User has agreed, and sent by e-mail to .
Any dispute that may arise in connection with the performance or interpretation of this Agreement, if not resolved amicably, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of one of the competent courts.

11.1 AG Lifestyle is exempt from liability, as defined by the legislation in force in the Republic of Cyprus, for full or partial breach of the Agreement, if it proves that such breach has occurred as a result of force majeure circumstances defined in the present Agreement. The document issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cyprus or the authorized authority of the Republic of Cyprus shall be sufficient proof of such circumstances and their duration.
11.2 Force majeure in this Agreement shall mean force majeure.
11.2.1 Force majeure in the present Agreement means any extraordinary events of an external nature in relation to AG Lifestyle, occurring without AG Lifestyle’s fault, outside its will or against AG Lifestyle’s will or desire, and which cannot be foreseen and cannot be diverted (avoided) with all due care and prudence, including (but not limited to) natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, lightning damages, etc. ), disasters of biological, man-made and anthropogenic origin (explosions, fires, failure of machines), mass epidemics, epizootics, epiphytotics, etc.), circumstances of social life (war, hostilities, blockades, social unrest, terrorism, mass strikes and lockouts, boycotts, etc. ), as well as issuance of prohibitive or restrictive normative acts of state or local authorities, other legal or illegal prohibitive or restrictive measures of the named authorities which preclude or temporarily hinder the performance of AG Lifestyle this Agreement.

11.3 If force majeure circumstances and (or) their consequences temporarily prevent the performance of this Agreement, the performance of this Agreement is stopped for the period during which it is impossible.

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