AG Flights makes your dreams come true!

Discover a new world of adventure!

AG FLIGHTS these are the brightest emotions

Dreaming of an unforgettable sightseeing flight over European cities?

Or about a real training flight over Cyprus?

We will pick up a plane and organize a flight for you and your family from one point to another. We will arrange an unusual photo shoot with airplanes and provide a unique opportunity to feel like a pilot!

Under the guidance of an experienced pilot-instructor, you will be able to sit at the helm of a real aircraft. Extraordinary sensations guaranteed!

And if you dream of your own personal aircraft, then AG Flights is always ready to help you with selection, purchase and maintenance.

Don’t miss the chance to turn your life into an unforgettable journey in the air. Contact AG Flights and your flight will be excellent!

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  • Safety
  • Personal schedule
  • Many destinations
and 2 Helicopters

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    Gift certificates

    give flight to your
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    Flights in Europe

    Experience a new experience, take a look at the cities of Europe from the cockpit!

    We fly over Cyprus, Italy and the Greek Islands. We are constantly opening new locations and routes.

    Give yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable experience!


    Price: from €350/hour

    Just call us


    Give yourself and your family an unforgettable experience!


    frequently asked questions

    Because these are emotions, and emotions are the best and unforgettable gift!

    All our flights are carried out within daylight hours.

    From the age of 9 you can board the aircraft.

    We fly from Larnaca and Paphos, from the same airfields as civil aviation

    You can try yourself as a pilot from the age of 15.

    YES! All our flights are educational in nature and you will be able to fly under the guidance of a licensed instructor.

    Various – two-, four-, six-, eight-seater

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